Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) Resources

Local Control and Accountability Plan


The 2024-25 LCAP was approved by the SCUSD Board of Education on June 20, 2024.  The plan will be posted here after approval by the 茄子视频 County Office of Education on July 16, 2024.

Coming Soon!

Download the 2023-24 LCAP


What鈥檚 the LCAP?

Every federally funded local educational agency (LEA), must develop a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) to set goals, plan actions and leverage resources to help improve student outcomes. It is a 3-year plan that is updated annually.

Our LCAP is developed in collaboration with District staff and educational partners. We value the voices of our students, staff and educational partners all of whom weigh in on developing our LCAP. There are also opportunities for parents/guardians to join the LCAP Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). Applicants are appointed by the Board of Education and Superintendent. Throughout the year, there will be regular updates on the progress of our LCAP goals.

How does the state use the district鈥檚 LCAP for funding? 

The LCAP is an important part of the State of California鈥檚 Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) model that lets districts make more decisions about how they use funding. 

Under LCFF, districts receive:

  • LCFF Base Funding: Money provided for each student served and based on average daily attendance
  • LCFF Supplemental Funding: Money provided based upon the number of Unduplicated Students (English Learners, Foster Youth, Homeless Youth, and Low-Income students)
  • LCFF Concentration Funding: Additional money provided to districts whose unduplicated student population is more than 55%

A key part of the LCAP is describing how the district is using targeted funds (LCFF Supplemental and Concentration Grant funding) to meet the needs of English Learners, Foster Youth, Homeless Youth, and Low-Income students.

How to get involved

In an effort to make the LCAP input and planning process more accessible, our LCAP Executive Director, Krystal Thomas, and our Board of Education members will be hosting a series of Town Hall events throughout the community. Keep an eye out for communications that will inform you of these opportunities to learn more about LCAP!