School Safety

Re-Imagining School Safety


Our approach to school safety was established by community engagement and actively seeks to address internal and external conflict in an effort to address safety concerns.  We endeavor to stop the school-to-prison pipeline by working collaboratively to address our systems in equities, mental, physical and emotional health needs.

Sac City Unified Office of Safe Schools assigns trained safety officers and lead campus supervisors to all of our comprehensive high schools and feeder schools. In addition, school site personnel receive training for de-escalating student conflict. Partnering with parents, other district departments, community organizations and district resources helps us to reduce our dependency on local law enforcement to remedy conflict. Local law enforcement is a valued partner with whom we often collaborate to address crimes, large crowd events and scenarios required by law or when alternative interventions are insufficient.

See Something? Say Something.

If you have information regarding a school-related crime or misconduct, make an anonymous report using . Call (844) 916-4544, text 鈥淩EPORT鈥 to (844) 916-4544 or .