Flyer Distribution Process for Schools


The SCUSD Communications Office must approve all flyers for school distribution. Please email the flyer to for review. 

Flyer Approval Process

Flyers will be reviewed in 5-10 business days of submission. Flyers that are approved will be given a permit number and disclaimer that must be included on the front of the paper flyer or on the digital image if requesting for it to be posted electronically. 

Organizations can then contact schools directly to request to distribute their flyers to the school community. Schools may decide whether they agree to distributed the flyers. The organization requesting distribution is responsible for providing all copies for paper distribution. 

Flyer Criteria

SCUSD will accept the following type of flyers.

  • Flyers from non-profit organizations like little league, soccer clubs and scouts. 
  • Flyers from commercial firms that meet the 鈥渞ecreational, cultural or educational needs of students鈥 (Board Policy, BP 1325)

The following types of flyers will not be approved:

  • Flyers for services offered at a private residence (child care, music lessons, tutoring)
  • Flyers that include a tear-off section to be returned to the school
  • Flyers for promotional materials

Please do not send multiple requests. Flyers will be reviewed within 5 business days of submission.