Youth Engagement

Youth Development Support Services (YDSS)


Youth Development Support Services (YDSS) provides support to teachers and school site administrators in creating an environment conducive to the achievement of academic, as well as social-emotional, success for all students.  Services are based upon the philosophy of building resiliency to assure that students successfully adapt in the face of adversity and develop social, academic, and vocational competence.

Expanded Learning

Our focus is on supporting the continuous improvement of our elementary, middle and high schools by offering:

  •     Expanded Learning programs
  •     Mentoring and character education services
  •     Youth voice and action opportunities
  •     Student, family, and community engagement
  •     School culture and climate initiatives
  •     Intervention and prevention of tobacco, alcohol, other drug use
  •     Bullying and violence prevention
  •     Service learning; social media and youth development

Youth Voice and Leadership

Youth Voice and Youth leadership are central to the mission and vision of YDSS.  Our programs emphasize the importance of cultivating future community change agents.  YDSS programs offer our students the platforms necessary for exercising their right to speak out and organize around issues that affect young people.